Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our Latest

If you've been wondering where we are we're just busy busy busy. I went back to work about 3 weeks ago and it's just been hectic getting back in the stride. Robert loves his job and everything seems to be going well for him at work.

Jonah update: he can say his ABC's, count to ten in English and Spanish and he doesn't listen to the word "no". He is just a wonderful little boy who is stubborn and willfull in every sense. He is so much fun. The other day I told him to tell Eli to stop crying and he marched right up to the chair Eli was in and said "Eli no no no." Yesterday, morning he woke up and screamed to Eli from his room "Eli no cry." It is super cute. This morning he walked up to Eli and gave him a kiss just because.

Eli update: he is a lot bigger then Jonah was at this age. He outgrew his 0-3 month clothes and is well into 3-6 month clothing. He's even ready to move a diaper size and we still tons of the old size to go through. He is smiling all of the time and has even started giggling. He also has begun the "talking". He's just so sweet I can't help but kiss him all of the time.

Rob and I are leaving the boys with my parents (Norma & Isaac) this weekend to go to Santa Barbara for my birthday. It should be a nice day excursion and nice to be just the 2 of us. We hope this finds you well.