Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look At That Outfit

Eli is getting a bunch of teeth in so drooling is a major issue. I sent him to day care in the cutest outfit. He came home in the pants I put him in and the extra shirt in his bag. The result is below. I have to say it is the picture I intend to show his future wife.

Look at how cute Jonah is. He wanted me to take a picture of him too so I did.

A lot of people have asked me to take a picture of Eli's adorable curly hair. Below is a picture of the back of Eli's head. I'm not ready to cut his hair yet. I know as it gets warmer out I'll have to rethink that, but for now it's staying.

Preppy Boys

Here's Jonah & Eli on Passover

As usual Eli has located the remote control and is very proud of himself.

Look at that beautiful smile. He's such a big boy now.

Eli reading his Haggadah (Passover prayer book)

Jonah getting a kiss from daddy.