Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jonah's 4th Birthday

Today came and went with lots of fun for Jonah. He had a great day. He went to day care today (and all week) because camp doesn't start until Monday. Rob & I bought pizza for the whole day care. Apparently, Dreena's son Marlin, baked a cake for the kids. They all got to decorate it. Dreena sent home a wonderful gift and he loved it. Then we met Nana, Papa and Auntie Ellie at Canter's Deli (Jonah's fave restaurant). We came hope opened presents AND sang Happy Birthday. Please note when watching the video, that there is a very special guest singer.

Guess who just woke? He's super happy for a change, only b/c he knows it's his birthday.
Oh how I love that smile
Then there's the cake mommy and daddy made him.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

Some guys want to be the pitcher that helps their dream team win the World Series. Some guys want to be the quarter back that helps their dream team win the Super Bowl. However, some guys just dream, and continue to do what they can to make the dream come true.

Last night one of Rob's dreams came alive. At approximately 11:45 PM PST he won a seat to play in the World Series of Poker ("WSOP"). For those of you unfamiliar with this it is where all great Poker players go to Las Vegas and compete for 10 days to win the "big prize". Which this year is over $8M, and the title of WSOP winner. Not only that but since he won his seat from an on-line poker game he has the chance of making even more money, by being a marketing tool for the site.

Most important is that he gets to go to the WSOP, and live the dream. Even if he comes home empty handed, he got to play in the series.

I have decided to go for at least the first 2 or 3 days with Rob, but reality is I don't have the vacation time to stay longer. Let's hope Rob doesn't come home w/me.

Keep your fingers crossed for him. Yay for dreams come true...

Monday, June 09, 2008

When I Grow Up

I remember when I was little I wanted to be a kid doctor (pediatrician to the sophisticated). I never ask the boys what they want to be because I want it to come from them. Of course my mother is constantly telling Jonah he wants to be a doctor {insert eye roll}, however, that's the right of a grandparent, and he loves it.

This morning Rob & I were in the bathroom getting ready while the boys were on our bed watching TV.
I walked in the room to get dressed and Jonah said, "Mommy when I grow up I want to be a daddy."
Me: "really just a daddy"
J: "yup a daddy"

When I asked Rob if he heard him, he said he didn't. I relayed the conversation and Rob just smiled from ear to ear. I think Jonah just made his week. Sometimes it's hard to believe he's going to be four this month.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just A Quick Hello

I just wanted to write a little hello and an early happy summer to everyone. I've been a regular contributor to a blog called Car and Caboodle, and wanted to share in case you wanted to read about my inane ramblings. It is a blog dedicated to family travel and family life in your car. If you are a parent, and anything like me, you spend a lot of time in your car with your kids. Writing for the blog is a fun little hobby, and I'm really loving it. I know you are thinking I don't need yet another thing to do, but I enjoy writing so I'll do it for now.

As for the family: Jonah is finishing his first year of school and will be entering pre-K next year. He has grown so much this last year and really loves going to school. He's going to do camp at his school all summer, so he'll pretty much be at the Westside JCC all year round. He is starting to read and is driving us batty asking us what every word is and how to sound it out. It's actually great. Over the holidays I bought him days of the week underwear. He loved asking me EVERY day what day it was, based on his underwear of course. It's actually a good thing because he knows his days of the week now, and what order they are. Recenty, I had to buy him the next size up. The old ones had different vehicles, but the new ones have different dogs. The first day he wore them to school he came home and told me that he showed Noa the dogs on his underwear. I thought great Jonah's going to school flashing his underwear to little girls, what do they think of me now? Thankfully, it was a one time thing. Once June hit he started asking me when his birthday is, he makes me tell him how many days away it is from today. For the record today it is 21 days away. LOL! (Yes, I have updated his list so you can go on the blog and there is a link to it if you need gift ideas.)

Eli is talking up a storm. Understanding what he's saying is a whole other issue, but it's adorable anyhow. He continues to win over anyone who meets him with his smile. Yesterday, I took the boys to my Weight Watchers meeting and one of my friends there got a kick out of asking Eli how old he is. It was hysterical. She'd ask and he'd say "I TWO," very emphatically. His new thing is to pretend his name isn't Eli. You'll ask him "are you Eli?" "No I uh uh uh Nonah." Then he laughs hysterically. Now you know why I call him silly monkey, he's such a goofball. He's going to be starting at the JCC in September in the 2.5 year old class. He cannot wait to go to "Nonah's Cool". Sometimes I pick him up before Jonah and take him w/me to pick him up. He is so excited just to go to the school. He's pretty much got his ABC's down. What's funny is that wherever we go he sees letters and if there is a "T", then he says "T a Tata". I guess you know that Tata (my dad) must be pretty important, if that's the only letter he actually associates with a word.

Rob's very excited because tomorrow he's going to the Dodgers v Cubs game. The funny thing is that my uncle (Nate) is going with him. Nate is a huge Dodger fan. They will go there in their individual team garb, sit next to each other, and root for the opposite team. I think it's hysterical and endearing all at the same time. Thank g-d there's someone else in this family who understand Rob's love for sports. Yes, I actually hear the Sportscenter jingle in my head, even when I'm not in front of the TV. If you or your significant other watches it you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Well, I've decided to start blogging more often about my ramblings. So if you are on the e-mail list and would prefer not to get every message I post, please e-mail me and I'll remove you from the list that sends you the posts.

I hope that everyone is well, and we send our love to all of you far and wide.