Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eli 1st Birthday Party

Eli and Jonah had a great time at Eli's party. You can see the pictures here if you have a Winkflash account. I've added a few of the best to this post. If you like any of the photos please feel free to order them straight from Winkflash. Additionally, if anyone who was there, has any good pictures, please e-mail them to me and I'll add them for everyone to see.

Thank you everyone for your generosity, and for making this day so very special.

Cake Face

Big Brother Cake Face

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

1st Birthday

I think I woke up this morning just as excited as I used to get when I was kid and I knew that today is my birthday. I couldn't wait to see Eli's face, hug him and sing to him. Rob was just as excited. It was this milestone in our lives as much as it was Eli's. We opened the door and immediately were greeted by "the smile". He stands up quickly and Rob & I start laughing. Eli has a pacifier in his mouth and one in each hand (we keep extras in the crib just in case). He held them out to us this proud moment of his life. So, of course I took a picture (see below). Then Rob & I began our birthday ritual. We sang Happy Birthday and gave him great big kisses. Jonah kind of woke up and quickly said "it's my birthday". We explained that it was Eli's and he said "me sing". I then took a picture of him b/c he said he wanted to smile.

As parents, I realize that his 1st birthday is something he doesn't understand, but it is such a big deal to us. A whole year since the day we were blessed with his presence. A whole year since Rob & I waited in anticipation to see if maybe he looked more like Rob then Jonah does. Apparently he had no such luck there. I mean he does have a Rob's eyes, is that enough?

I remember every second of December 6, 2005 and I know that there are very few of these moments in ones life No one can ever take from us the joy that we got when Eli was pulled out by Dr. Pelino. We are blessed. We say it everyday, but today the whole day we get to celebrate our moment with the rest of the world because today Eli is ONE!!!!!

Thank you all for loving us and for loving Eli, because near or far, he feels it. Enjoy the pictures. Stay tuned for more from his big party.

Eli's so pround that he has all 3 paci's

Jonah happy to sing to his little brother

Eli's outfit is so cute he'll be wearing it again Saturday. Look at that smile.

When I picked him up from day care he was wearing this crown. He was king of the day there today. He was so happy, and looked so cute.