Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Funny Not To Share

If you have not seen this yet you must go to this auction, it is by far one of the most entertaining things I've seen yet. e-bay item: 130144061675

Then you must visit her blog for more hilarity: Her Blog

This woman is just great, she has six kids and still has a great sense of humor.

The Funny (and not so funny) Things They Do

You must be wondering what is new in our neck of the woods. Here's an update on the antics of 2 little boys as they slowly try to drive me crazy. I have threatened more times then I can say to sell them on e-bay. It's something I'm considering on a regular basis. In addition, I have tried to inquire on where to send in my 2 week notice of resignation on the position of mom and no one wants to accept my resignation. I guess I'll continue this unpaid gig until someone else can take over or they get married whichever comes first.

Jonah is a head strong "big boy". It's as simple as that. He is so loving and kisses Eli and then quickly grabs the car/book/whatever out of his hands. No matter what you ask him the answer first is "no", then he'll re-think it. He's so smart it kills me. He can spell his name and Eli's name. His new thing is to take a book about colors and read me the letters that each color is. So if he's on the page of red he'll say "mama red is spelled r-e-d". It's really cute. But the other day he reversed it and asked Rob if he knew how to spell the words. He said "daddy spell orange". Rob would spell orange and he'd say "good job daddy give me five". Could you eat him up?

Eli is bursting w/words and he even knows when to use them. Today Rob was corralling the boys to get them out the door. Rob said "let's go". Eli promptly turned around and said to his empty room "bye". On Monday I was picking the boys up from daycare and said to them "wanna go home?" Eli's response "daddy?" You see he is quite taken w/his father. He also knows that when we are not in the room he should instigate a fight w/Jonah. Like the other morning when I caught him pushing Jonah for no reason. Or the time he took a toy that Jonah was playing with and litterally sprinted away laughing as Jonah began a temper tantrum yelling about Eli taking his toy. Yes he ran and watched behind him as if to say "you can't catch me."

2 weeks ago I pick them up from day care and I'm told that Jonah is saying "shut up" to the other kids. I refuse to allow that to be OK. When asked where Jonah learned shut up he told the lady "that his mommy taught him." I don't say shut up to my kids. Rob thought it was funny. I asked him again where he learned it he said "mommy taught me". For days I wracked my brain and then my friend Nancy alerted me to my problem. When I am totally surprised by something I say "shut up!" As in stop you are kidding (a la What Not To Wear). I now realize I use it in a different context then it's intention, but Jonah doesn't know that. I'm now not allowed to say shut up. I guess he did learn it from me after all.

We are off w/the boys to Mexico for a few days at mom & dad's house. We are even taking mom & dad w/us. I'm excited for the boys to play in the sand. I just don't know who's more excited about this weekend Jonah or my parents? Jonah asked me this morning if we are going to Mexico today and I said no tomorrow, he quickly got sad and said he wanted to go now. Instant gratification I know that problem all too well. It's seems at 31 I have yet to outgrow it. Yes Rob, I admit he gets that trait from me.

I'll try and post more pics of them as soon as possible. Plus look for the 1st day of preschool pics coming soon...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Words and More

Eli has finally started saying some words. Up until now he was perfectly happy w/Jonah talking for him. Jonah tells everyone what Eli wants and needs. But a week or two ago he said "more" or mo'. Then there was "pizza" or eezzaaaaaaaaa. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Yes Eli's a big eater. The other day at Trader Joe's he just kept saying ball b/c they had beach balls tacked to the ceiling inside. He said bye to me yesterday when I dropped the boys off at day care. It's really cute to hear him talk.

Jonah will be starting preschool in a few short weeks. He still doesn't know yet. We try to explain it to him, but the concept is a bit foreign. He is starting to read out letters when he's looking at a book. For instance a book about colors he'll say "red is spelled R-E-D". He's doing really well w/his potty training. He still has accidents, but he's telling us when he has to go, and that's a huge step for him. We're so proud of his progress.

Both boys are taking swim lessons on Sundays. Jonah is in a class w/3 other kids. Eli is in a parent-tot class. Rob & I take turns doing that class w/Eli. They are both really loving it.

Rob is still working as in house counsel for a company, but is looking to build his own practice on the side in order for us to afford preschool.

I'm still doing the same thing, but yesterday something huge happened. After 18 months of hard work I made it to my goal in weight loss. I have lost 62.8 lbs total. I want to lose another 5 to 7 for a cushion, but I reached my goal. It's a little bit surreal.

I promise to try to post pictures soon. We still are looking for pictures of the boy's from David's wedding. Unfortunately they were so over tired they didn't want to be in pictures. Se la vie.