Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was the Purim* festival at the boys' school. Adorable is an understatement. Jonah was a fireman and Eli was a doctor. Eli took his doctor bag with him to school. He was so funny. He was telling me all morning "mommy I a docta'." I stayed at the school waiting for the festivities to begin. I left Eli with his class about 20 minutes before, and when I met back up with the teacher she said after I left Eli was curing everyone.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. It's hard to get them to sit still. Of course Addison was a dream and slept through the first half and took a bottle the second half.

*Purim is a Jewish holiday and kids get dressed up (much like Halloween).

Bonus picture: Addison 1 mo old
Fireman Jonah to the rescue
Dr. Eli in the house

During the festival Eli wanted to sit with his brother.