Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm One Lucky Girl

On Monday my brother, Marty, and my father got me a brand new '08 Saturn Vue. Yes you read correctly. My brother was the mastermind behind the whole thing. He was worried about me spending another year driving a car that's safety was questionable. He knew that Rob & I couldn't afford another car payment right now. He spent Thanksgiving weekend negotiating a deal and presented me with this car.

I was in such shock and completely stunned that I really couldn't say all of the things you should say that night. I still don't know that there are words to express the proper amount of gratitude I feel.

My biggest thing right now is to tell anyone who will sit still what kind of brother I HAVE. This year I have nothing to complain about b/c I am loved and it shows. I had to share it here so that more people would know what special people I am surrounded by.

MARTY & DAD, If you're reading this WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lists Are Ready

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry I haven't been updating but I've had a busy couple of months. We are all doing really well. Jonah & Eli continue to be the cutest little boys ever. In the last week I have been asked if I'm doing the boys wish lists again. I have finished updating them (of course I may add more later ;) ), and I wanted to post so you all had links to them. This year I combined Eli's Birthday and Hanukkah list into one. Since his birthday is the first day/2nd night of Hanukkah I figured it would be easiest that way.

I also wanted to let you all know that the allergist has banned us from having ANY stuffed animals or wool for the boys. Jonah still sleeps with Elephant and Lion, but they are washable. Plus there is no way to get him to give up Elephant and quite frankly we don't think he should. We took all of the rest of the stuffed animals and donated them to good will. Also, our apartment is increasingly getting smaller due to the invasion of toys. We do have some "larger" items on the list but we'd like to keep it down to a minimum. Please keep these things in mind when shopping for them.

I'm glad the lists are such a hit because quite frankly it's so much fun putting them together, and it also helps you know what the boys are interested in. We hope you are all doing well.

Just click below:
Jonah's Hanukkah List

Eli's 2nd Birthday/Hanukkah List

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of Preschool

Today was Jonah's first day of preschool. He did really well. We're so proud of him. Eli was upset when I dropped him off. I think he just didn't like not being with Jonah. The boys were so happy to see each other at the end of the day. Of course within 5 mins in the house they were hitting each other, but that is the way it goes with boys. Enjoy the pictures!

Eli had to be in the "official" first day picture.

Jonah was so excited about his new shoes that Bubbe bought him (the new outfit was also purchased by Bubbe).

Playing with play doh

Playing with the toys

Lining up after being outside to go in for lunch. Teacher Alex is singing to all of the kids and pointing to each one. It was so cute.

I made Jonah a little family book so that if he got lonely or sad he could look at pictures of his family. It's funny b/c they said to have a family portrait in their box of extra clothes, but of course my creativity got the best of me. You can see the book here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Funny Not To Share

If you have not seen this yet you must go to this auction, it is by far one of the most entertaining things I've seen yet. e-bay item: 130144061675

Then you must visit her blog for more hilarity: Her Blog

This woman is just great, she has six kids and still has a great sense of humor.

The Funny (and not so funny) Things They Do

You must be wondering what is new in our neck of the woods. Here's an update on the antics of 2 little boys as they slowly try to drive me crazy. I have threatened more times then I can say to sell them on e-bay. It's something I'm considering on a regular basis. In addition, I have tried to inquire on where to send in my 2 week notice of resignation on the position of mom and no one wants to accept my resignation. I guess I'll continue this unpaid gig until someone else can take over or they get married whichever comes first.

Jonah is a head strong "big boy". It's as simple as that. He is so loving and kisses Eli and then quickly grabs the car/book/whatever out of his hands. No matter what you ask him the answer first is "no", then he'll re-think it. He's so smart it kills me. He can spell his name and Eli's name. His new thing is to take a book about colors and read me the letters that each color is. So if he's on the page of red he'll say "mama red is spelled r-e-d". It's really cute. But the other day he reversed it and asked Rob if he knew how to spell the words. He said "daddy spell orange". Rob would spell orange and he'd say "good job daddy give me five". Could you eat him up?

Eli is bursting w/words and he even knows when to use them. Today Rob was corralling the boys to get them out the door. Rob said "let's go". Eli promptly turned around and said to his empty room "bye". On Monday I was picking the boys up from daycare and said to them "wanna go home?" Eli's response "daddy?" You see he is quite taken w/his father. He also knows that when we are not in the room he should instigate a fight w/Jonah. Like the other morning when I caught him pushing Jonah for no reason. Or the time he took a toy that Jonah was playing with and litterally sprinted away laughing as Jonah began a temper tantrum yelling about Eli taking his toy. Yes he ran and watched behind him as if to say "you can't catch me."

2 weeks ago I pick them up from day care and I'm told that Jonah is saying "shut up" to the other kids. I refuse to allow that to be OK. When asked where Jonah learned shut up he told the lady "that his mommy taught him." I don't say shut up to my kids. Rob thought it was funny. I asked him again where he learned it he said "mommy taught me". For days I wracked my brain and then my friend Nancy alerted me to my problem. When I am totally surprised by something I say "shut up!" As in stop you are kidding (a la What Not To Wear). I now realize I use it in a different context then it's intention, but Jonah doesn't know that. I'm now not allowed to say shut up. I guess he did learn it from me after all.

We are off w/the boys to Mexico for a few days at mom & dad's house. We are even taking mom & dad w/us. I'm excited for the boys to play in the sand. I just don't know who's more excited about this weekend Jonah or my parents? Jonah asked me this morning if we are going to Mexico today and I said no tomorrow, he quickly got sad and said he wanted to go now. Instant gratification I know that problem all too well. It's seems at 31 I have yet to outgrow it. Yes Rob, I admit he gets that trait from me.

I'll try and post more pics of them as soon as possible. Plus look for the 1st day of preschool pics coming soon...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Words and More

Eli has finally started saying some words. Up until now he was perfectly happy w/Jonah talking for him. Jonah tells everyone what Eli wants and needs. But a week or two ago he said "more" or mo'. Then there was "pizza" or eezzaaaaaaaaa. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Yes Eli's a big eater. The other day at Trader Joe's he just kept saying ball b/c they had beach balls tacked to the ceiling inside. He said bye to me yesterday when I dropped the boys off at day care. It's really cute to hear him talk.

Jonah will be starting preschool in a few short weeks. He still doesn't know yet. We try to explain it to him, but the concept is a bit foreign. He is starting to read out letters when he's looking at a book. For instance a book about colors he'll say "red is spelled R-E-D". He's doing really well w/his potty training. He still has accidents, but he's telling us when he has to go, and that's a huge step for him. We're so proud of his progress.

Both boys are taking swim lessons on Sundays. Jonah is in a class w/3 other kids. Eli is in a parent-tot class. Rob & I take turns doing that class w/Eli. They are both really loving it.

Rob is still working as in house counsel for a company, but is looking to build his own practice on the side in order for us to afford preschool.

I'm still doing the same thing, but yesterday something huge happened. After 18 months of hard work I made it to my goal in weight loss. I have lost 62.8 lbs total. I want to lose another 5 to 7 for a cushion, but I reached my goal. It's a little bit surreal.

I promise to try to post pictures soon. We still are looking for pictures of the boy's from David's wedding. Unfortunately they were so over tired they didn't want to be in pictures. Se la vie.

Friday, June 08, 2007

All Dressed Up

Last Saturday Jonah was the ring bearer in my cousin Noah's wedding. He did phenomenally, and was the best looking one in a tuxedo (in my opinion). He went to rehearsal the day before with Bubbe and Tata (my parents). He kept telling us all day that he wanted to practice. When the wedding began I stood in the back with him, waiting for his turn to go down the aisle. When we were cleared for Jonah's turn I told him to walk straight down the aisle, and to "go find daddy". About 10 ft out he starts bellowing "daddy, daddy". The seats were set up in rows about 2/3 of the way down the aisle. Where they began there were rose pedals all down the aisle. No one thought to tell him that it was OK to step on them, but he stopped right where the rose pedals began. He didn't know what to do. He began tippy toeing and trying to be delicate on them while still bellowing "daddy, daddy". Once he found daddy everyone clapped. Although he was not the show stopper, he certainly was a hit.

Eli wore a very very very cute navy blue suit and tie. He looked so cute that you could eat him.

The boys played around w/their cousins Dylan and Rachel before the picture taking began.

Jonah coming down the aisle.

Jonah tip-toeing and being careful on the rose pedals.

The Bride (Natalie) and Groom (Noah).

Jonah enjoying the party (Stephanie Berneman photography).

Just as a reminder a list has been set up for Jonah, if you're looking for birthday gift ideas. Just click on the link in the menu on the right hand side of the blog. (Here's a link for you just in case Jonah's 3rd Birthday). Look for the pictures of his birthday party coming soon. Have a nice weekend!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mother's Day at the Zoo

Sorry for posting so late, I just can't catch the time no matter how hard I try. We are all doing well. Both boys are growing like little weeds.

Jonah is just too smart for his own good. He can count to 10, say his ABC's, recognize all of the letters, colors and numbers, he can tell you what each letter is for (J is for Jonah and E is for Eli), he also does a good job of counting things out for you. It's hard to believe he's going to be 3 at the end of the month. Where does the time go? He will be starting at the JCC in September for preschool. Bubbe & Tata (my parent's) are giving him swim lessons for his birthday, which we will start in July.

Eli is signing much more now that Rob & I are focusing on it. He doesn't speak, so we're trying to get him to sign for us. He understands everything we say and picks up on everything. We're also going to enroll him parent/tot swim class. I'm really looking forward to it. Eli has quite the little buddha belly, and giggles so sweetly when you tickle him. We all love to make Eli laugh because it really is the best laugh.

Jonah & Eli are quickly becoming frienemies. Eli wants everything Jonah has and Jonah wants everything Eli has. I do a lot of referring. All in all, they are so cute together. Jonah tells Eli he loves him, and pretty much melts our hearts everytime he says it.

Pictures From The Zoo
The boys in their stroller...

Where we going next daddy?

Jonah and daddy!

The entire time we were there Jonah just wanted to see the elephant. Here he is the much anticipated elephant, Jonah loved seeing him.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the boys from my cousin Noah's wedding on Saturday. All I can say is little boys in tuxes and suits have to be the cutest thing ever.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eli's 1st Haircut

My baby got his first hair cut today. With the weather getting so warm I had to realize his hair was sticking to his head. Without further ado here he is.

Eli running around before his big cut

The curls that have to go. :( Aren't they cute?

Jonah patiently waiting his turn for a haircut

He looks like a big boy now.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look At That Outfit

Eli is getting a bunch of teeth in so drooling is a major issue. I sent him to day care in the cutest outfit. He came home in the pants I put him in and the extra shirt in his bag. The result is below. I have to say it is the picture I intend to show his future wife.

Look at how cute Jonah is. He wanted me to take a picture of him too so I did.

A lot of people have asked me to take a picture of Eli's adorable curly hair. Below is a picture of the back of Eli's head. I'm not ready to cut his hair yet. I know as it gets warmer out I'll have to rethink that, but for now it's staying.

Preppy Boys

Here's Jonah & Eli on Passover

As usual Eli has located the remote control and is very proud of himself.

Look at that beautiful smile. He's such a big boy now.

Eli reading his Haggadah (Passover prayer book)

Jonah getting a kiss from daddy.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm a Reviewer

I wanted to just post a link to the my guest review on Mommies With Style. You can see it here. It was a lot of fun to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more in the future.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Jonah got a big boy bed and is causing trouble left and right. Last night he kept Eli awake until 10:15 PM. He's really cute when he talks about his bed. He lovingly refers to it as his bigboybed, all one word. Jonah also loves the Cars movie. He watches on a daily basis if we let him. He's very cute b/c if you ask him what Lightning says he'll say "kachow".

Eli is walking about 60% of the time. He walks like a drunk penguin, but it's super cute to watch. He's also becoming much more mischevious. He's started going after toys Jonah is playing with just to take them from him. I guess turnabout is fair play, but he has to be scolded just the same. When I say 'no' to him he smiles at me like 'yah yah, whatever' and goes back to what he was doing. The only word other then mama is uh-oh. That's b/c he purposely throws his milk or pacifier on the floor and says uh-oh

Medically speaking both Jonah & Eli are suffering from allergies. Eli has a much worse time of it. In 8 weeks he had 2 infections. Last week the doctor put him on a daily dose of Pulmacort in the nebulizer and Claritin at night. We are seeing some change, but he still has a little of a nasty cough. He goes back to the doctor next week and we'll be getting the paperwork for the boys to be tested for allergies. We'll keep you all posted.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Beautiful Things They Say

On Friday night I was doing my usual bed time routine w/the boys. After their bath Eli is in my lap and Jonah next to me in the rocking chair (he's a big boy who doesn't sit in my lap anymore :( ). Here is our conversation:
Jonah: "Mama you a lady?"
Candice: "yes"
J: "Eli's my brother?"
C: "yes"
J: "I love him"
C: "that's wonderful"
J: "Mama I kiss him"
before I could respond he leaned over and just kissed Eli on his head. Rob & I were so proud. We will have to hold these moments close to our hearts b/c when they are tearing each other up we'll remember they love each other.

Presenting Our Newest Member

Hi everyone I thought I'd post 2 pictures of my newest cousin that were sent to me by my aunt. My first cousin Joshua (on my dad's side), who lives in Northern California, had a beautiful baby girl, Katerina Alerdina Gross, on February 17, 2007 weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. 20 in. Congratulations to Josh and Diane on their new joy! Mazel Tov to all of the Gross' on their first grandchild and niece.

The new daddy and his princess


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Bowl fun

The boys got into the spirit of the game. I'm sorry I don't have more pictures of Jonah, but he doesn't want to be in pictures he wants to take pictures. I did teach him what his shirt said though. He was very cute going around saying "Go Bears". Rob was very proud. He was the cutest cheerleader ever. We were all dressed in our Bears attire, but never got a chance to take a family portrait. Oh well it just means the Bears will have to be in the Super Bowl next year.

Jonah is saying "cheese"

Our doggy fan Sascha

He's about to take a step toward me. He's currently taking 2-4 steps on his own. We anticipate he'll be walking around the house any day now.

You can see how tired he is in his eyes.

Jonah w/Bubbe. Doesn't she look great? She's lost 40 lbs.

Eli is almost walking as you can see above. He's really sick and Rob has been home w/him yesterday and today. He has a sinus infection, but he's on antibiotics now and is slowly getting better. Jonah is just so cute. Yesterday, he came home from day care, and saw Eli, went straight for him, and gave him a kiss. It was so cute I just scooped Jonah up and gave him a hug. We could tell Jonah missed not being w/Eli all day. It's going to be tough for him in the fall when he starts preschool and Eli won't be with him. They really do depend on each other to always be around.

Poor Rob didn't have the best birthday b/c Jonah, Eli & I were all sick. We've had such amazing weather for the last few days (high 70's low 80's) but we haven't been able to go out b/c we've all been sick. Hopefully, we'll be able to go out this weekend and do a little late celebrating. More soon...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bath Time Together

Several weeks ago we stopped using Eli's inflatable bath tub b/c he was climbing out of it. We decided to try giving the boys a bath together. They both loved it. Every night since it's the two mischevious ones getting clean together. Here they are:

On a personal note: this week I hit 50 lbs lost. All I have to do is lose 17 more to hit my goal.

Rob & I have booked a vacation together for early May. We are going to Cabo San Lucas for 7 days. It will be our first vacation since our honeymoon. Bubbe, Tata, Nana & Papa are splitting the baby-sitting time amongst them. We're very excited to have some get away time. Hopefully all will go well with weight loss and I'll be ready for a bathing suit.