Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bath Time Together

Several weeks ago we stopped using Eli's inflatable bath tub b/c he was climbing out of it. We decided to try giving the boys a bath together. They both loved it. Every night since it's the two mischevious ones getting clean together. Here they are:

On a personal note: this week I hit 50 lbs lost. All I have to do is lose 17 more to hit my goal.

Rob & I have booked a vacation together for early May. We are going to Cabo San Lucas for 7 days. It will be our first vacation since our honeymoon. Bubbe, Tata, Nana & Papa are splitting the baby-sitting time amongst them. We're very excited to have some get away time. Hopefully all will go well with weight loss and I'll be ready for a bathing suit.