Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year (those of the Jewish faith). May this year bring new joys never thought of. We love you all!
Robert, Candice, Jonah, Eli, Sascha & of course baby in the tummy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fundraising For WJCC

I'm not going to e-mail each of you individually, nor am I going to chase you w/a catalog at family events. I know a lot of you love the wrapping paper fundraisers and the boys' school is doing one again. It's If you're interested in any way in buying chocolates, wrapping paper or trinkets of some sort please e-mail me (Candice) and I'll send you an e-mail from their website. This way you can order at your own leisure, use your credit card and have it delivered straight to you (shipping charges do apply). If I'm going to see you any time soon and you'd rather order by the catalog please let me know, and I'll bring it with me to wherever I may see you. Please keep in mind the sale ends October 10th. Again, this is no pressure. If you'd like to order and/or would like to help support the boys' school just let me know by e-mail. 50% of everything purchased is donated straight to the school. The school uses these funds to pay for music teacher and gym classes for the kids. Thanks in advance for your order, if you place one.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A New House

As many of you know Rob & I live in a 2 bedroom apt that is beautiful and wonderful, but we've outgrown it. With a baby on the way we knew we needed to buckle down and start looking in this buyer's market.

We found a wonderful home that is bank owned, and quickly made an offer. It needs a new kitchen and master bathroom plus a few other things, but we are happy to announce the bank who owns it has signed the paperwork. We will most likely begin escrow tomorrow. If we can close escrow in the 30 days we need we will be beginning our construction the day after. There are things that need to be done before we can move in and we estimate those taking 30 days.

This is our first house. This is a huge thing for us, and the boys LOVE it. Jonah can't wait to move in, and well honestly, neither can we. We finally have a yard for them and that makes me so happy. We've already begun the elusive search for a swing set for them. Jonah was very particular about the slide being green, but we'll see what we can find. We are even going to have a playroom and that seems to be Eli's favorite room so far.

I plan to video our before, during and after for everyone to see, so wish us luck as we embark on our newest endeavor.