Sunday, August 23, 2009

Addison 6 Mo Old

Two weeks ago my photographer friend, Angela, came to take pictures of us at the park for Addison's 6 month portraits. As usual Addison was an angel. Eli didn't want to always listen or be in the pictures, but we didn't expect anything less. Eli is a free spirit and that's OK by us. We hope you enjoy these few photos. Thank you again to Angela from PBKisses.

As far as our summer the boys have been enjoying a great summer with camp 3-days a week and time with their Bubbe (my mom) 2 days a week. They only have 1 more week of camp, and then they are going to spend time with Nana & Papa (Rob's mom & step-dad) for 2 days. We're meeting some friends in San Diego for 2 days of Zoo and Sea World fun next week. Jonah is very excited to be going to the new school which he will begin the day after Labor Day. I promise to take a ton of pictures, and will post his first day of school. Have a wonderful rest of your summer.

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